Aphrodite’s Supermarket

Aphrodite’s Supermarket offers fresh fruit, vegetables and a vast range of grocery items and drinks

Fresh fruitDelicatessen

Welcome packs delivery service

You can select from a preselected arrangement of shopping lists or setup one yourself. This welcome pack can be delivered to your accommodation before you arrive.

A variety of wines

A very wide selection of red, roze and white wine, famous brandies like Metaxa and many other alcoholic drinks can be found in a specifically designed corner.


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Shopping list arrangement before coming to Corfu

DelicatessenHow many times you wished you had the chance to make your own shopping arrangements before you even step a foot in Corfu? How many times you wished you know exactly what you we having and more importantly to be sure of the quality products.

Just send us e-mail ( of call (+30 26630 91201) with your request and we will make sure that is dealt with in a professional way.


Fresh meat and fish

If you like fresh fish, most of the local fisherman pass every morning from Aphrodite’s Supermarket. Aphrodite can select the fresh fish for you and to make sure that you have the best possible.

If on the other hand you enjoy meat, she just place an order to her and she will provide with fresh meat for your barbecue or cooking “venture”.

A telephone order service.

Corfiot olive oil productsIf you are here in Corfu, you can call us and order your selection of goods. We will then be able to deliver them to you or you can pick it up yourself. The choice is yours!

Free drive to our supermarket

If you are staying either in Kaminaki or Vinglatsouri, you already know (or will find out) that the nearest supermarket is at a considerable distance from your accommodation. You can call at +30 26630 91201 and request someone to drive you to Aphrodite’s Supermarket to do your shopping. After you finish you will be taken back to your holiday villa. All this with now extra cost.

Corfiot products

Aphrodite’s Supermarket has a great selection of Corfiot products. So if you are either a fan or curious of this products, you will not be disappointed of what is available. Do not forget, there is no better proof of you been in Corfu than a truly Corfiot gift.

For any enquiries just send an e-mail to, or go to the enquiries page to help you do so.
Call at +30 697 1542833, or send a fax: +30 26630 91451

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